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Ready or Not, Life Is Happening Now!

Each day I become increasingly aware of the importance of "right now".  Life isn't what happened yesterday, nor is it what may or may not happen tomorrow.  Life is actually what is happening right now!  It's good to make plans for your future, I do that too, but you must remember to appreciate the present.  Never procrastinate living.

This is why I chose "Life is Now…Don't Wait!" as the tag line of Straight Up Living.  Too often we get all fired up about an idea and then take no action to implement it.  Sometimes our excuses sound very reasonable and even logical, but that doesn't mean they aren't a load of crap.  Here's a couple of personal examples of what I mean.  

There are two things that I truly love and are a part of who I am.  Writing and music.  For as long as I can remember these my love for these two things have fueled my dreams and my passions.  I have absolutely zero formal training in either area and for many years I convinced myself that I didn't have what it takes to create anything worthwhile, or at least anything that would move other people.  I kept telling myself that "someday when I can have enough time" I would become better skilled and then maybe create something good.  I have notebooks filled with writing on a variety of topics.  Everything from my own spiritual journey, song lyrics, self-help and automobiles and none of this saw the light of day.  Instead it all gathered dust and was kept prisoner within a box inside a dark closet.  As recent as three years I experienced an inner "growth spurt" and my beliefs, consciousness and thought patterns began to swiftly expand.  Limiting beliefs began to die and fall away and perhaps the most important thing I learned is Life is Now!  It isn't happening any other time, in fact there isn't any other time for it is always NOW!   I gathered all of my writing and began to go through it with rened excitement.  I have written one book already and have other projects in the works.  After publishing my first book (based on my years of automotive experience.  The link is below.) and others began to purchase it I was beyond estatic!

   My first book! Click the image.

I am a also a musician with an intense love and passion for music.  For the longest time I wanted to be able to create my own songs and even record them.  I had so many "reasons" why I couldn't move forward with that desire.  I would tell myself "I'm not a great musician.  I don't have enough or the right equipment.  If I don't use the best of everything, no one will even listen to it" blah blah blah.  

When I finally stopped believing my own b.s. and understood that when something is created with a whole heart and passion it will be a blessing to someone. I began what was to become period of joy and passion that lasted many weeks.  I took whatever I had and began to use it to make music.  I used the guitars I had, an ancient (outdated) computer, one microphone and made drums out of empty jugs.  I even made one drum out of a large balloon and an embroidery hoop!  Later I added a Native American flute and a couple of penny whistles to my collection.  Understand, I had no idea how to play those flutes when I got them.  I just taught myself what I could and went for it!  Those weeks I spent creating those songs was something almost magical.  I would get ideas seemingly out of thin air.  Most all of the songs were created, recorded and posted on my blog in one day!  

Now, are the recordings, musicianship and such all of the very best quality?  No, far from it but I will tell you this, I made the best music I could with what I had.  You know what I discovered?  I discovered that despite the music not being professionally created, it touched so many people.  I still get people asking me about this song or that song, telling me how they use it for their yoga sessions or while relaxing on the beach.  If I had not stopped fooling myself into thinking my music would not be "good enough" I would have never had the positive influence upon those people.

 I also would have never had the opportunity to work with the beautiful voice you will here in the video below.  Robin Easton is an author, musician, photographer, and vocalist.  Her skills are far beyond mine, yet I had the chance to work with her.  A cool side note is that we've never met in person.  We became friends through the world of blogging and also Youtube.   The song below features Robin's angelic vocals.  She recorded this with a handheld recorder, standing alone in the stairwell of a building.  The tune just came to her, much as songs just come to me sometimes.  She sent me the recording via the internet and I then added the music.  I think the result is very beautiful and it touches my heart each time I listen to it.  All because I finally understood that "Life Is Now…Don't Wait!"  Everyone, and that means you, has something the world wants and needs.  Stop keeping it to inside and never underestimate yourself.  Begin now, we all need what you alone can share.

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