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I'm currently offering two workshops.

They can also be breakout sessions!

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A Coaching Mindset
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Coming Soon!
Map Your Own Life

A study by The Workforce Institute at UKG found that 69% of people say their managers have the greatest impact on their mental health. More than the impact of their doctor (51%) or therapist (41%). And more than half of managers (53%) are currently experiencing burnout in their workplace, according to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index.


This workshop explores ways to alleviate these concerns by introducing managers and supervisors to the powerful concept of coaching, the benefits of adopting a coaching leadership style, and gives them the tools they need to get started immediately. 

Outside coaches can only help so much, and the only way positive changes can last is if employees have access to coaching on a daily basis. This is why the Coaching Manager is the leader for the future,

Learning Objectives:


  •  A clear understanding of why coaching managers get better results.

  • A coaching conversation framework that can be immediately implemented.

  • Understanding the link between collaboration and unlocking people’s true potential. 

  • 5 Hot Tips to help managers develop a coaching mindset and transition to a coaching style of leadership.

This workshop is being developed

and I can't wait till it's ready!

At the heart of Map Your Own Life is the driving message that you can intentionally choose the direction of your life by consciously choosing where and how you focus your mind.


Whether at work, or in your personal life, Keith guides audiences to examine their assumptions, beliefs, and expectations by giving them practical tools that are easy to understand and apply.


The result is a personal transformation that improves mental health and one's overall sense of well-being. Keith's down-to-earth and vulnerable style allows him to connect to people in an authentic way, enabling him to be both relatable and relevant.

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