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A Light In the Darkness

Updated: Mar 19

Unprecedented. Historical. New normal.

We’ve heard these descriptions for the past year of our lives ad nauseam. True as they may be, they offer little in the way of offering hope or shining a light during a dark time. Life has changed to be sure, and in some ways it’ll never be the same. The global pandemic itself was bad enough, but then came the ripple effects of it that are a still being felt. Increased suicides, abuse in various forms, joblessness—the toll this has all taken on humanity is incalculable and you won’t see those numbers scrolling across the screen on any newscast.

In times such as these, it’s clear that you cannot rely upon mainstream media or any government to offer any real or lasting hope. In many cases, they serve up the exact opposite. That said, it doesn’t mean there’s no hope to be found, it simply means that the lights now shining in the darkness are coming from you and me.

I’ve thought a lot about this in the past several months. People need to be reminded that life is still filled with so much beauty and hope. Are there bad things happening? Of course, and that has been the case since the human race began, but there are also a lot of wonderful things happening. It has been heavy on my heart to speak this truth loud and as often as I have the opportunity. It’s too easy to fall into despair, and if all of your attention is focused on things that bring you low, then that’s likely to happen.

This is why I pushed so hard for the past few months to complete my latest book, Nowhere Near The Middle: The Life Story of Valerie Doshier. Valerie passed away in 2016, four years before the current pandemic began, but if she were here now her message would be the same as when she walked this earth: Love is all that matters.

When you start with that premise, you can’t lose! A disposition of love and compassion toward others yields hope, happiness, and robs fear of its power. This is how Valerie could even face her own death with such grace, kindness, and peace. Bodies die, they always have and they alway will, but life endures. Love endures, and because of that, hope remains.

For me, none of this is about selling books. Yeah, I want to sell a gazillion of them, but primarily because that means a gazillion people would be reading about a life that was so powerfully fueled by love that it’s still changing the lives of people five years after leaving the body it once inhabited. Hardly a day passes now when I don’t receive a message or comment like this:

“The aspect from which it was written was risky, but, Wow! You knew it was Valerie. I only heard her voice…not once did I hear you’re voice. So many life lessons in this book. Valerie made me laugh…cry and Love even more than when I woke up this morning! Her story was not about that horrible disease, but rather about Gratitude Caring, Experiencing, Living life to it’s fullest and most importantly Love! The Spiritual growth that she attained and revealed was so inspiring that I lack the words to explain. But my Heart is full, and this book is definitely a re-read so that I can experience all of the nuances that are available to me!”

That’s hope.

That’s love.

And both of those things are still in abundant supply.

So yeah, this is why I’m pushing so hard to make this book as widely known as possible. Not because I wrote it. Who cares who wrote it? And that’s not false humility either because I have no time for fake bull shit. This message is one I have been working hard to spread for years, and this book is the next evolution of that effort. The message is what’s important.

If any of this resonates with you, that makes me happy. Keep spreading the message of love, and keep shining your beautiful light. If this book rings your bells, tell people about it. I’d be so grateful. But whatever you do, always remember these words from Valerie:

“Love. It is the most powerful vibration on Earth and anything is possible once you give it wings. Love conquers all and wins.”

Click the image to view book on Amazon:

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