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Your Mind The Helm, Your Thoughts The Rudder

Human beings are truly incredible, and we all are capable of great accomplishments.  Take a look back through history and you'll easily discover myriad of examples of amazing things mankind has accomplished.  History will also show that there have been many times mankind has looked great truths straight in the face, and yet was unable to see it. 

It was only five-hundred years ago that man still believed the earth to be flat, and vehemently opposed any explanation to the contrary.  Mankind was thoroughly convinced, and mankind was thoroughly wrong.  I believe future generations will one day look back and wonder why so many rejected or doubted this great truth:  Whatever we focus our mind on will determine the sort of life we live.

Remember, the "mind" isn't your brain.  It is your consciousness.  The combination of your thoughts, intelligence, emotions, and feelings.  The collective conscious and unconscious processes that determine your mental and physical behavior.  Another, perhaps more beautiful, way to say it is your "heart".

"Who Won't Be Ruled By The Rudder Must Be Ruled By The Rock"

A ship's steering wheel is known as the Helm, and the helm controls the Rudder which is what guides the ship in a specific direction.  In your life, your mind is the helm and your thoughts are the rudder.  It is your thoughts that will determine the direction your life will take.  When you take possession of your mind (meaning you consciously choose an open mind/heart and control your thoughts), you are taking the helm of your ship.  The thoughts that you then choose will act as a rudder for your life, guiding you in a specific direction.  Without specific thoughts of your own choosing your ship (life) will be without a rudder and will likely end up on the rocks.

In many ways your thoughts will determine your feelings, attitude and ultimately your destiny.  I created this chart to better illustrate this:

My heart is leading me in new directions.  I am taking daily action to ensure my thoughts and actions are in alignment with who I am.  I have zeroed in on my purpose and now know the direction in which I am heading, if not the exact destination.  I am at the helm, the rudder is performing it's task and providing guidance.  You know, I am excited about seeing where it will all lead, but it's the thrill of the journey that makes my heart race! Is it always easy?  Absolutely not, but the best things usually require a little more of me.  I want to live, experience, love and learn!

What say you?

Are you the Helmsman of your life?  Would you please share your thoughts and experiences in order that we may all learn together?

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