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Your Life-Lens

Today I was thinking of how much of what our life experience is like is due to how we look at things.  It is very important to understand that the life-lens through which you view life will determine the quality and direction of your life.  In case you’re wondering, your “life-lens” is the attitude or mindset you use to live your life.  However it is you think each and every day becomes a habit.  If your thoughts are typically upbeat, grateful and positive you will develop the habit of looking at nearly everything you encounter in life in this way.  Conversely, if your thoughts are typically pessimistic, ungrateful and hopeless, you will develop this way of thinking as a habit.

 Think of your attitude as a filter and life as water.  If your filter is fresh and clean, the water you pass through it will be cleansed of debris and impurities.  The water then becomes safe for you to drink and will help keep you healthy and alive.  However, if your filter is filthy, the water you pass through it will become contaminated with that filth and will end up being worse than it was before it passed through your nasty filter.  Drink this water and you’ll become sick or maybe even die.  If you choose an attitude of gratitude, compassion, love and joy then whatever life brings to you will filter through that and be made better. Choose the opposite and whatever life brings you will filter through that and be made even worse. 

Hopefully this analogy will serve to illustrate how vitally important it is to choose your thoughts wisely and focus on what gives life rather than what takes it away.  Attitude is the foundation upon which you build your life. 

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