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Will You Live The Truth You Find?

  ~I view my life as a journey.  I seek to learn all I can about life, it's purpose, MY purpose, how to coexist with my fellow human beings, and how to experience all my emotions yet be controlled by none of them. 

I believe my body is just that.  My body.  A place where the real "me" resides.  Connected yes, but not one and the same~


All of the above thoughts, and more, are almost continually on my mind.  I am a seeker.  I seek to know the truth.  About what? you ask.  Well, about everything!  Recently I asked myself this question: 

"What if I discovered the truth.  The truth about life, why we are here, where we came from, God, the Universe and so  on.  What if I found out in such a way that there was absolutely no room for doubt.  Would I accept it?  Would I embrace it wholeheartedly and adjust my life accordingly or would I dismiss it because it did not fit into my preconceived notion of what I wanted the truth to be?"

Truth.  We all say we want it and in every situation in life.  The question I ask myself is 

"Am I willing to seek it with a child-like heart, but with relentless dedication?  Am I willing to seek it peacefully, but fight for every morsel of it I find?  Finally, am I willing to live out the truth once I've found it?"

What about you?

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