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What Are You Waiting For?

You have a dream, a goal, or desire that you want to attain.  You hear your heart crying out "Please!  Follow me!"  You want to very bad and are ready to do whatever it takes, but… The thing is, you don't think that you possess all of the necessary skills, have enough resources, or live in an area that has very many opportunities.  So what should you do? 

"Do What You Can…"

Okay, maybe you don't have all that you will need to achieve your dream, but let me assure you that you do have enough skills and resources to begin the pursuit!  You do not have to know everything to make a start!  In fact, you will not even be aware of all the things you'll need to learn until you start down the path!  Also, you mustn't wait for "just the right moment" because if you do, you will never take the first step.  "So how do I begin?  What do I do?" you ask.  You do what you can!  You start with what you do possess and get going!  Besides, what will you gain by doing nothing?

"…With What You Have"

Just as you do not have to know everything in order to begin, you don't have to possess every resource either.  If you carefully look inside yourself, as well as around yourself, you will discover that there are more than enough resources to get you started.  Remember, we're talking about enough to get you started down the path to your dream or goal, not to get you all the way there.

Let's say that you want to take a lengthy road trip in your car.  You know ahead of time that there'll not be enough fuel in your car to get you all the way to your destination.  Does knowing this cause you to cancel your trip and stay home?  Of course not!  You have faith that somewhere down the road there will be a gas station where you can refill your tank!  So go ahead!  Set out on your journey and have faith that there will be places down the road to "refill your tank"! 

"…Where You Are"

There may be some advantages to living in such places as New York City, Los Angles, Atlanta, or Miami but here is the reality:  When it 

comes to pursuing and achieving your dream, it simply does not matter where you live!  There are inspirational stories of success from every conceivable locale and circumstance!  You can impact this world  regardless of your geographical location, and in this age of computers  and internet, the world has become very accessible.  Geography cannot hold you back; only you can hold you back!

Do you have a story of how you did what you could, with what you had, from wherever you were?  Please share it so that we can all be encouraged!

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