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As I stated on this site Sunday, I attended a gathering of many peoples from around the world at the annual WorldFest celebration here in Louisville, Kentucky.  The experience always leaves a deep impression upon my heart and I am still basking in that feeling today.  I want to not lose sight of how every one of us on this planet are connected and everything we do affects one another.  If it is possible for that many different cultures to meet in love and harmony for two days, then it is possible to do it on a larger scale for a longer period of time!

I am enjoying a long weekend with my wonderful family and I thought I'd share some of what I have been doing!  In honor of some of the cultures I came into contact with this weekend I put together a couple of brief instrumental tracks I created using some instruments I already owned and also the new instruments I purchased at WorldFest!  The Djemebe drum from Africa, An Irish Penny Whistle and a Rattle made from dried seed pods. 

Let's build a new world.  One where Love rules our every thought and action.  Start where you are…

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