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The First Writers Arise Meetup!

Updated: Mar 19

Saturday, February 22 was the first ever Writers Arise meetup!

There were nine writers in attendance and it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone was genuinely happy to be there, and some even shared some of their current writing work. I was blown away at the quality and passion of the work they shared!

When I opened the meeting, I reiterated the purpose of Writers Arise, which is to encourage, support, and ignite the dreams of writers or those who aspire to write. For the next hour (a little longer actually because no one wanted it to end) that’s exactly what happened. My heart filled with joy as I observed people, who had never before met in person, encourage each other, freely share ideas, and connect in a meaningful way.

Something else that stood out to me was the genuine gratitude every person expressed. They were grateful to be there, and to associate with other writers in a safe and supportive atmosphere. There were no egos, no one thought themselves superior in any way. It was obvious that they cared for each other and the work they were doing (I literally got goosebumps as I typed that sentence.)

I learned a lot with this first meeting. I learned that people will come together, with different backgrounds, beliefs, and even different writing goals, and still support and uplift each other. It was an electric atmosphere filled with ignited dreams and hope.

Another thing that this experience confirmed for me personally is that there is a desire and need for this, for these Writers Arise meetings. I’ve already had requests for me to hold meetings in Indiana, New Mexico, Florida, California, Texas, and even India, Malaysia, and Australia. Geez, that blows my mind.

Stay tuned! There will be more Writers Arise meetups, and it may just happen in a city near you!

Be sure to join the Writers Arise Facebook group.

A special shout out to fellow writer Shannon Gale, owner of Vibrant Life, who opened up her business and hosted the meeting.

A few more pics!


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