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Sometimes You Gotta Go All In!

High Stakes!

In the game of Poker, there occasionally comes a time when you'll see a player push all of their chips into the pot.  This is known as going "All In", meaning they've put all of their remaining chips into the game.  You wont see this move used on every hand that is dealt throughout the game, but you will see it.  Why?  Because sometimes, you just have to put it all on the line.  The opportunity is there to make a great gain, you see it clearly but will you act on it? 

I like this analogy of going "All In" as it applies to living life.  In poker, the object is to win as much cash as you can, but in life there's something much more valuable at stake.  Your life! 

Don't Get Murdered By Mediocrity!

I don't mean that your physical life is at stake, but rather the quality (and quantity!) of life that you live.  There comes a time ( more likely, many times) in the lives of each and every one of us when we have to push aside every distraction and totally commit ourselves.  No matter what our desired outcome might be, we will have to put every thing that we are on the line, holding nothing back and allowing ourselves no safe harbor. 

"Mediocrity inspires neither great love nor hate"

–Vanna Bonta

You may have a  personal goal/desire of becoming a deeply spiritual person whose life will be characterized by acts of love, or you may have the goal of becoming an author.  Perhaps you wish to increase your financial abundance, climb a mountain, learn to fly a plane, become an influential public speaker, a counselor, a missionary, a soldier, a teacher,a fireman, a vegan…whatever!  At some point on your journey you will have to take that leap, without any safety net, and give one hundred percent of your trust, love, patience, time, talents, skills, focus and energy.  To do otherwise is to give yourself over to mediocrity.  Being mediocre is living a "watered down" life.  Diluted and ineffective and less than what you could ( dare I say "should"?) be.  That's mediocrity.

"The height of mediocrity is still low"

–Vanna Bonta

All In or Fold?

No one knows better than you what you are capable of accomplishing in this life.  There are no boundaries to the great affect your life can have upon this world, and those who inhabit it.  You know that in order to get where you want, and need, to go you are going to have to go all in.  I believe Life requires this of us, that  we give wholly of ourselves, without reservation, and put our entire heart and soul into it!  To do otherwise is to fold your hand, push back from the table and walk away with nothing. 

I've been watching closely, I've done a lot of thinking and strategizing.  I've made my decision.  I'm going all in.  Who's with me?

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