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Should You?

 Risk ~ Good or Bad?

The dictionary defines "Risk" as being "the possibility of suffering harm or loss".  I believe that definition is a little pessimistic and lop-sided.  While taking a risk may involve suffering harm or loss, it most certainly contains the potential for benefit or gain!  Let's closely examine every area of our lives.  What have any of us ever gained that did not involve an element of risk?  I dare say nothing! 

Have you ever fallen in love? 

Have you ever had children? 

Have you ever started your own business?

Have you ever driven your car to the grocery store?

All of these acts involve taking a risk and if we hadn't taken the risk what would we have gained?  Exactly.  We would have gained nothing!

Get A Grip

Why does risk make us hesitate at times?  The answer, of course, is fear.  We are afraid because of the unknown 

issues that may arise as a result of the risk we have taken.  When you stop and think about that statement it's almost funny!  "Unknown issues" may arise from any decision or action we ever take!

Understand, the type of risk-taking I am speaking of here isn't the sort that is characterized by ill-considered haste or recklessness.  What I am speaking of are the decisions we are faced with that, if we are willing, have the potential to change our lives (and the lives of others) for the better.  A chance to live out our passion, dreams and our hearts desire!  An opportunity to be the difference and make a difference in this world, starting within our own sphere of influence!

Action ~ Fear's Greatest Enemy

The best antidote to fear is action!  When we have an opportunity to move forward in our life and fear rears it's ugly head, what should we do?  Do it anyway!  Fear is really based upon future possibilities that may or may not happen.  In other words, it isn't based on reality.  So make your own reality! 

If you act in the moment, where fear cannot exist, you will overcome.  Repeat this whenever faced with this type of fear and you'll eventually develop a new habit or, a new "mental-trigger".  You will develop the habit of moving into fear instead of away from it.

Let's not let fear paralyze us, keep us from living to our full potential and cause us to fall short of our purpose.  Let's dare to live, to face life with such passion that we are ablaze with love and vitality!

Look, I know you have dreams.  So do I.  Sometimes I want to climb on top of my house and scream "It's possible to make your dream a reality!!"  Many will agree with that statement, but how many will act?

  It's time to be bold.  "Why now?" you ask.  I answer, "Why not now?"  Why not start today, in this very moment, to live your potential?  If you don't start now, when will you start?  Tomorrow?  Next week?  Make it today and you will thank yourself a million times over.  If you're waiting for everything to be perfect or for "just the right moment", then you will never begin. 


"Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think as wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.

~ Cadet Maxim

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