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Powerful Four Letter Word!

Hugs.  At first glance or thought, one may underestimate the power of this four letter word, but that would be a mistake.

A hug is one of the most common ways humans can express affection and it’s extremely versatile as well!  It can be used to communicate intimacy between lovers, sympathy for the bereaved, support for the weary, caring for one in need, or an emotional lift for anyone! 

You see, a hug is more than just wrapping your arms around someone.  It is a form of communication that transcends any words you could speak.  It is a transference of energy and has even been compared to Reiki, the healing art that is based on the application of “Universal Life Force Energy”!  See what I mean about the power of the hug?  One could almost summarize hugs by saying “Hugs Heal”. 

 The cool thing is that it doesn’t matter if you initiate the hug or are the recepient, both the hugger and the hugg-ee reap the benefits.

 “A silent hug means a thousand

words to an unhappy heart”

~Author Unknown

Hugs That Healed

Rather than just expound upon the meaning of a hug, I am going to share some real life examples of healing hugs I have experienced.

  1. ~Recently, my father (William Smith) went through another serious surgery.  Afterwards, in the recovery room, hugging him, and watching my daughters hug him, was a beautiful thing to experience.

~In that same recovery room, watching my sweet mother (Rebecca Smith) hug her husband of forty-eight years…..well, that moment defies description.

~This past weekend two of my daughters (Jennifer & Laura) moved into an apartment together.  I’ve never held my daughters back and have allowed them room to grow up.  On the outside it may seem that letting go has not been difficult for me.  I assure you that, although I am proud and excited for them, they’re still daddy’s little girls….so the hug I received from them as they stepped onto their own path in life was healing for me

~Occasionally, as strange as it may seem to all of you (that was a joke), Jenny and I will have a disagreement.  Coming from a technical background, I like to diagnose and resolve a problem.  Jenny taught me that sometimes all that’s needed is a hug.  Instant healing.  Thanks honey.

~Last year, at about this time, I stood in the airport saying goodbye to my middle daughter, Lindsey, as she prepared to move to Colorado with her hursband (He is a U.S. Marine).  She was nineteen and I’ve never gone long without seeing her.  That hug in the airport meant everything to me.  I’ll see her in December and I can’t wait to get that hug!

~Most every Sunday, I visit my parents and we have Sunday Dinner together.  My sister is usually there also, and this is the only time I really see her.  I love it that each time we see each other, our faces light up and we hug.  Every time.  Something pretty cool about that.

 “Hugs don’t need new equipment, special batteries or parts- just open up your arms and open up your hearts”

~ Jill Wolf

 Now…go hug somebody

 What is R.A.O.K.A?  Click here to find out the details from the Keeper of The R.A.O.K.A flame, Zeenat Merchant-Syal ! !

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