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Obstacle or Opportunity?

Let's face it.  Life would be boring without challenges.  Accomplishing a goal by overcoming difficulties is what fills us with great feelings such as pride, joy, satisfaction, and that "sense of accomplishment".  Facing challenges is a basic human need and without them, life would quickly become dull and boring.

Encountering an obstacle on the way to a goal gives us a chance to grow, a chance that we would not have had otherwise.  It is a chance for us to use our minds in ways we may have not used them before thus increasing our knowledge as well as our experience.  Obstacles should not be met with dread but with eagerness!  I know that may sound trite, but if you will train yourself to behave in this way you will have much less stress in your life and you'll add some excitement instead! 

What?!  You Made A Mistake?

You'll make mistakes along the way and that's alright!  My Dad used to say to me "If you aren't making mistakes, you're not doing anything!".  Don't you just love that statement?  If you go for a goal you have never achieved before, you'll surely make a mistake or two along the way and that's good!  Why?  Because they're not really "mistakes", they are actually results!  When you don't get the result you want, you modify your approach and go at it again!  You keep doing this until you succeed!  The joy in success is as much the struggle to achieve you goal as it is to attain your goal.  An easily attained goal is devoid of the great appreciation you feel when you have fought and overcome.

You Decide the Meaning!

It has been said that it isn't what happens to you in life, but how you perceive what happens to you that matters.  You provide the definition for the events that occur in your life.  So when you encounter an "obstacle",  you can define that as an insurmountable problem and then give up or you can define that "obstacle" as an opportunity to grow and dig in your heels and keep moving forward! 

You've heard the saying "There are no problems, just solutions" and that is true, if you train yourself to view any "obstacle" in your path as an opportunity.  Do this and a whole new world of possibility and success awaits you.

Have you ever encountered a situation that you viewed as an obstacle, but turned it into an opportunity?

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