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Stuck in a Rut, or Rockin’ Your Routine?

You want to achieve.  You want to succeed and you have a plan to get it done.  So why aren't things moving faster or why aren't you reaching your goals?  It may be that your routines have turned into ruts!

Everyone has at least a few routines in their life;  Activities that you perform daily or with regular frequency.  The question is, when do routines cease to be a good thing and become a rut?

What's the Difference?

I realize some consider Ruts and Routines to be the same thing but I think the two are very different.  Both describe a pattern of behavior but we know that not all patterns of behavior are healthy, which brings us back to our question "When do routines cease to be a good thing and become a rut?". 

Let's use the example of exercise.  Let's say that you go to the gym and do the same exercises every day.  The same things done the same way, day in and day out.  After awhile you begin to dread even going to the gym because it has become boring, predictable and progress has slowed or stopped altogether.  All of this causes you to lose sight of your original goal of getting and staying fit.  Your exercise routine has become a rut!

One day you decide to change things up a bit by varying your approach.  One day you go to the gym and lift weights.  The next day you go for a ten mile bike ride and the day after that an all day hike and so on.  Notice what has happened?  You have the same goal as before, to get and stay fit, but you have variety in the way you go about getting there!  Each day your focus is the same but your approach may differ and as a result you are no longer bored and discouraged with the process.  In fact you are excited again, which inspires you to continue!

Spice it Up!

Physical exercise serves as a good example for helping us to see the difference between a rut and a routine, but the principle applies to any area of our lives.  It may be that the way we approach our business, relationships or job has turned into a rut and is now a drudgery instead of a delight.  It is so important to remember that human beings need variety. When you're in a rut there is little or no variety, and as a result, little or no progress in your life.  You are stuck in the "psychology of the usual" where everything can be predicted and you've come to expect nothing different.  When this happens, it's time for a change!

In order to grow as a person and to succeed in attaining your goals you must climb out of your rut and develop a healthy routine.  By changing the focus of your mind and thoughts you can break free of unhealthy patterns of behavior and start rockin' some new routines!  It can be uncomfortable when things aren't predictable but where there is growth of any kind there is always some unpredictability.  That's what helps add variety!

Take a close look at your life and see if you have developed any ruts of your own.  One clue is when you find an area of your life where progress and growth has slowed or stopped altogether.

Let's hear in the comments any ways you have to keep yourself from forming ruts or how you may have broken free of them.  Also, share any Rockin' Routines you have that enrich your life!

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