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The Art of Releasing

There are perhaps many ways to define what is meant by the word simplicity.  To many it means the absence of all luxuries or property.  To others it may mean modesty or the absence of "showiness".

None of those definitions are incorrect, but the way in which I view simplicity in my own life is a little different.  I view it as a releasing.  It is my personality to "strip things down" and by that I mean I usually get right to the point, so I have adopted a simialr philosophy for my life.  If there is any thing that holds me back as a growing person , and I become aware of it, I release it.  This philosophy helps to keep my load light,  my heart happy and free. 

Here are a few things I have released.  Maybe you'll recognize some things that you have let go of yourself, or maybe some things you need to release.

I Release: ~ the pursuit of success as an end in itself ~ the need to "win" an argument ~ insecurity ~ hate from my heart ~ fear ~ worry ~ excess ~ past mistakes ~ past wrongs and hurts ~ the "need" to always be right ~ the desire to impress ~ self-doubt ~ my efforts to control ~ things that distract my mind from love's path ~ jealousy ~ inhibitions ~ guilt ~ failure.  It no longer exists. ~ struggle ~ striving ~ anxiety ~ depression ~ stress

~ negativity

Releasing is something I practice each day of my life and is a way in which I simplify my life.  Thinking of simplicity in this way, over the past month, has made a significant impact on my life.  For me, simplicity means I have shed (or am shedding) unnecessary baggage, enabling me to be free in my heart and in my spirit.  No anchors dragging me down.  Free to be, and to become.

What is RAOKA? H ow can “you” be a part of it? The RAOKA mission seeks to remind us that Random Acts of Kick Arse happen all around us—and also to spread the spirit. Each month, us RAOKA team core members vote on a new theme based on your submissions. On the first Wednesday of each month (US time zone) we invite everyone to post about what we’ve observed, passed along, or created.    The loving caretaker of RAOKA is Zeenat.  Visit her blog for more information!

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