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Seasons of Life

Updated: Mar 19

It’s fall in my part of the world, and the Earth is showing off its beauty in vivid colors. There’s something exciting about the changing of seasons, and fall has a distinct feeling or vibe I think. The busy, hotter months have passed and colder temperatures are soon coming. It would be easy to dread the frigid weeks ahead, but look at how the Earth prepares for it by exhibiting the most beautiful colors and clear skies. It’s as if it celebrates both the end of summer and the coming of winter.

Life has seasons too. Some are warm and busy, while others feel cold and make you want to find a safe place to hide until it’s over. But what if I take a lesson from Fall and find ways to celebrate the season that’s ending, and embrace the one that’s coming—or the one that’s here now. I think back to 2022, which was a season filled with loads of activity, thousands of miles driven through eleven different states, many adventures, and meeting many new people.

It was near the end of 2022 when I felt the season changing, and 2023 has looked a lot different. My mother has had some serious health issues and I’ve been a caregiver for several months. I’ve learned so much about myself this year, and though I could feel down about not traveling as much, I choose to focus on the many beautiful things that have happened instead. I’m even closer to my mom, and I’ve been able to get a lot of clarity on the things I want to pour my heart and soul into, things that mean a lot to me. I’m pretty excited about it and recognize an important fact: if I had been as busy this year as I was last year, I probably wouldn’t have uncovered the important next steps for me! There are some amazing things developing, I can feel it in my soul.

I think this may be what it’s all about, or at least a very important part. To live life so open and free, to pour one’s self into ways that help bring more love, life, and peace into a world that’s hurting. I continue to believe that one of the best ways to change the world for the better, is to first change ourselves.

I wish the very best for you, and whatever season you’re in right now, I hope you can see within it all the the things that have been good, as well as all the good things just around the bend, things that you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Big hugs and lots of love to you!

P.S. Have you seen my latest Youtube video? I talk about what I’ve been up to and future projects and dreams too! Check it out by clicking this image:

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