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Peace For The Warrior

Recently, I've had the opportunity to reconnect with a family member ( my cousin) that I have been out of touch with for several years.   As a very young boy, I looked up to this individual quite a bit and he had a special bond with my family.  The years passed and we drifted out of regular contact,  his life in the military keeping him very busy, to say the least, and far away from home.  Besides being a decorated veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps (including two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star) he is a cherished member of our loving family.  I am grateful to have reconnected with him and doing so has caused me to think about all that he has endured, sacrificed, and overcome.  In many ways, his greatest challenges are not in dealing with the past, but with the present.   He faces these challenges with the same strength and determination that has sustained him through the years. 

This song is dedicated to my cousin, and to all of those who share similar experiences and challenges. 

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