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You've seen them.  You've read about them.  Perhaps you even know one of them personally.  One of those people who live life in such away that they seem to be happy most of the time.  They face life, and all of the challenges, with peace and calmness.  Even when things arise that would have many freaking out, becoming angry, or stressed, they stay calm, focused on the moment and unmoved by fear.

Life can be challenging at times and it is the dream of so many people to live a life that is free of stress.  To live a life filled with peace instead of problems.  Many of us know someone who lives life this way, but have you ever stopped and thought "How do they do that?"  Surely it must take some special skill, talent, the right genetic makeup or maybe even the proper DNA sequencing to be able to live each day in this way.  I mean…right?

Well, I  make no claims to any of those things, but I think I may know how such people obtained the ability to face life the way they do.  Practice.  Yeah, you read that right.  I did say "practice", and this encourages me a great deal because it means that if I read, study and practice the principles I've learned, I can live life with peace ruling my heart, no matter what is transpiring around me.

The individuals whom we know that are already living life like this didn't just wake up one morning and find themselves equipped with everything they'd need to face life's challenges.  They have put time and effort into becoming aware of who they truly are, acknowledging areas of strength and weakness and then set about practicing (daily) the principles that would dictate their mindset.  Did they ever make a mistake?  Have they ever screwed up?  You bet, but they learned from those experiences and grew because of them!

Knowing all of this gives me courage and fills my heart with joy!  I can live my life, every day, filled with peace, patience and understanding.  I can have the type of faith that can withstand any challenge that comes my way.  I can, and so can you! 

I salute those who are ahead of me on this path.  I am grateful for you all.  I stretch out my hand to those coming up the path behind me.  You can do it!  I am grateful for you too.

I was inspired to write this post after reading this post on the blog Unfolding Your Path To Joy.  The author's name is Joy, and I know you'll find her blog as inspirational as you will informational.  Joy is on a journey, and is ahead of me on this path, but her light shines as a guide to others.  I encourage you to visit her blog and discover the wisdom she freely shares with all who ask. 

In this post, you may have noticed that I mentioned studying and learning principles that will help to create a mindset that brings about a life lived with a peaceful spirit and gratefulness.  I did not, however, speak of what to study or mention specific principles.  This was intentional and here's why.  There are billions of people on our planet and perhaps just as many viewpoints on how to live life in the way described in this post.

Rather than just describe my own path, and therefore limit this discussion, I thought it may be beneficial to many more people if you tell us a little about yours!  That way we cover so much more ground, and maybe one of us will speak a word that another so desperately needs to hear.

What principles have you learned that has helped you along life's path?  How did you learn about them and incorporate them into your daily life?

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