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Living Earth

Today's Sunday Stillnes features a very special guest.  Please welcome Robin Easton!  This wonderful lady has an amazing connection,  not only with the Earth upon which she lives, but also with it's inhabitants.   She is the author of the incredible book Naked In Eden.  Robin is also an extremely talented musician who, as I have recently discovered, has a beautiful voice! 

Recently, while on one of her frequent nature adventures, Robin was given a gift.  This gift was in form of a song, which she later recorded in a stairwell because of the awesome acoustics and natural reverb of the space.  Robin sent me this song and asked if I'd like to "do something" with it, and I enthusiastically accepted.  The song I received was perfect and needed nothing to be added, though I did come up with something I hope is worthy of her song.   Enjoy.  =)

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