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Life’s Not a Waiting Game

The following is a wonderful piece of writing from a woman who, despite her few years on this earth, has the ability to look deeply into the well of life and then put what she sees into words.  There's a message here and I hope you get it.

"You're raised to believe everything's building toward something.  Your every action bringing you one step closer to a desired end, and while I suppose that's true, I find it extremely misleading.  'Cause I watch as you pyramid the books at the corner of your desk, as you march out your arsenal of ink and lead. Yellow highlighter, black ball point pen, mechanical pencil and finally, as you straighten the sheet of loose leaf so the lines run parallel with the tiles on the floor.

Ready for anything, just as you've been taught.  But I am here to tell you, even with everything in its proper place, things are likely not to lead where you're so sure they're heading.  A desired end is something to look forward to I'm sure.  It is something desired of course, it's just…why must you always pursue?  You're always building towards something else, contentedness forgotten.  

You're so full of potential, really brimming with expectation.  You're conditioned to believe that every moment is a stepping stone toward something grand.  That everything, even life as a whole, is a waiting game.  And that just doesn't sit well with me."

– Jennifer M. Smith

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