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The Power of Focus!

Living The Dream

How can you get what you want in life?  Is it even possible to get what you really want?  The answer is YES!

Most people have dreams they wish would come true or goals they want to achieve.  Unfortunately, many of those same people never realize their dreams and it isn’t because they are less capable or lack desire.  What they do need is focus ( and discipline. but that's a topic for another post!)

What is Focus?

There’s little doubt that you’ve heard how important it is to be focused, but are you actually implementing it, daily, in your life?  Your life can be the way you desire it to be, but to get there you will need to use the power of focus.

What, in this context, is meant by the word focus?  The human mind is amazingly powerful and you can control and direct that power.  You have the power to think on whatever you wish to think about and you can change what you are thinking about in an instant. 

Take a moment and think about a beautiful lake, illuminated by a golden setting sun.  Now think about being in a car and running head on into a semi-truck! Do you see?  In an instant you switched your thoughts from one thing to another. 

Did you also notice that a completely different set of feelings and emotions came along with each thought?  Focus simply means to consciously choose your thoughts and to sustain those thoughts indefinitely.  It is a form of concentration and achieving your goals or realizing your dream requires that you focus your thoughts on what it is you want. 

Focusing on what you want will lead you in the direction of your desire.  It is important to remember that focusing on what you do not want will have the same effect, only you will be guided toward what you do not want! 

My father taught me this concept, years ago, while teaching me how to drive.  He taught me that while driving down the road, and in the distance, you see an object in the roadway that you need to avoid, look for a safe way around it instead of staring (focusing) at the object. 

“If you stare at it you’ll end up hitting it even though you don’t want to.” he said.  There’s a lot of wisdom in that statement.  If you focus on the things you do not want, you’ll end up moving in that direction even if you don’t want to!  That is the power of Focus!  It will override a momentary desire, and by that I mean that if you are continually focusing in a certain way you will develop momentum in that direction. This momentum will not be overcome by a few minutes of discomfort, and that is why it is crucial that you focus your thoughts on things that you do want in your life

If you want more money in your life, you shouldn’t continually think, “I don’t want to be broke, I don’t want to be without”.  If you want to lose weight don’t focus your thoughts on “I wish I were not fat”. That is focusing on what you do not want!  Focus on what you do want! 

Feed Your Focus

In order for your focus to have power and be effective you need to infuse your thoughts with emotion and feeling (Using visualization will help you with this). This is will give your thoughts power and will keep you driven, passionate and motivated!  You know you’re doing this right when you feel compelled to make your dream a reality.

When you apply this type of focus to your dream or goal, it will seem almost miraculous how the way will be made. How solutions will appear and routes to achievement will present themselves.

Ask yourself this question. “What must I focus on today in order to create the

tomorrow I desire?”

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