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Getting Clear About Clarity

We've all had moments when we can plainly see the bigger picture, and know our place in the grand scheme of things.  During those times we can see deeply into our own heart and soul as easily as peering through crystal clear water.  This is pure awareness and it is possible to live in that awareness every day, to stay focused on our desire so that we do not get sidetracked or distracted.

What is Clarity?

One often hears how important it is to have clarity, but what does this mean?  I'll give you a simple definition.  To have clarity means to be clear, free from obstruction, to open, unclog, unstop, or unblock.  How this applies to your life is that in order to live your passion or fulfill your heart's desire, you must know exactly what it is you want.  You must have clarity in your thoughts and feelings, and be able to think clearly (and stay focused).

In the definition of clarity above, I mentioned that it is to be "unblocked" or "free from obstruction".  What can cause us to become blocked or obstructed so that we no longer have this clear vision? Here are two common roadblocks to clarity.

Making judgements can create blockage and/or taint the way you see things.  The "should or shouldn't, right or wrong, good or bad" sort of thing may affect your clarity.  Of course, I'm not suggesting that you should never make judgements of any kind, but rather that you examine the source of the judgement.  Many are derived from your upbringing/family, culture, or even society and may not be rooted in reality (or your own highest truth)  Bottom Line = Just look closely at the judgement, see where it comes from, and if it is important enough to hold on to. 

Allowing distractions to divert your focus.  All of us get tempted by distractions from time to time, but the key is to recognize when one has shown up and is trying to draw your attention.  A distraction is anything that takes our attention/focus, time and energy away from our goal/desire (Note: I never consider a loved one or a person in any kind of need a distraction.)

Keep Your "Eyes" Peeled!

There are two key steps you can take to promote clarity in your life. 

Practice being aware.  Learn to live in the moment you are living in!  You cannot stay focused on what you're doing now if you're thinking about yesterday or next week!  This step was a huge one for me!

Notice what and how you're thinking.  What sort of thoughts occupy your mind.  Are they negative and limiting or positive and supporting?  Fill your mind with the latter and it will give you strength and peace.  Another step I learned the hard way!

So many people go through their lives knowing very well what they do not want but are unclear as to what it is they do want.  Each of us have been given creative power through which we can direct our lives toward any destination we wish.  Clarity is the vehicle that takes us there.

The Life of Your Dreams

Living the life of your dreams need not remain a fantasy.  Living your passion every day doesn't have to be a pipe dream.  It can become your reality! 

~The first step, I repeat, the first step is to know exactly what it is you want!  You can't just say  "I want my life to be better" or "I want to make more money".  Those are generalities!  You wouldn't jump into a taxi and say "Hey, I want you to take me somewhere."  What's the first thing the cabbie would say?  "Where do you want to go?!"  You must be absolutely specific!  How much (exactly!) money do you want?  What (exactly!) do you want your life to be like?

~Along with clarity you must employ your imagination!  Remember, as a child, how you could imagine anything you wanted?  When playing, you could imagine everything with such vivid detail that it actually felt real?  Remember?  Great!  Because that is exactly what you must do!  Imagine with great detail exactly what it is you desire.   Make this vision so real that you feel as if it has already become true.

~Focus.  As my dear friend Tess Marshall says "What you focus on grows!"  What, in your life, do you want to grow?  Focus on that!

Many people will live each and every day focused on what they do not want their life to be like, what they do not have, and what they do not want.  Is it any wonder that their lives are filled with exactly those things?  Remember:

Why all of this talk about clarity?  Because this world needs you to be living out your

heart's passion and in order to do that you need to be absloutley clear about your heart's desire.  I am fully convinced that each of us have something that this world needs and that something will manifest itself in our heart and soul.  This something drives us, makes us happy beyond compare. When we are engaged with this something we lose all track of time because doing it fills us with incredible joy.  This something is your passion!  Only you can do what you do the way you do it! 

As I said, the world really needs your contribution.  Without it, there is something missing and that has a much larger effect than you may think.  It's like baking a cake.  If you leave out just one ingredient, the cake will not be what it was meant to be.  You're an important ingredient.  The world is the cake. 

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