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Does life seem like a confusing maze?  If you could live your life exactly the way you want, what sort of life would that be?  What, for you, would be the "perfect life"?  What traits, characteristics or habits would you love to be known for? 

Perhaps you dream of being more creative, of bringing into being a song, painting or poem.  Maybe you'd like to be more involved with your community or volunteer for a worldwide humanitarian effort.  It could be that you just want to become you, the person you really are on the inside, but for whatever reason, isn't revealing itself to the world. Please take a moment to slow down your mind and rev up your imagination.  Close

your eyes if it helps.  Now, imagine you are living the life you've always wanted.  Right now.  Today.  Focus intensely on this and let your imagination run free. 

You awake each morning and are happy and excited about what the day has in store.  The activities you'll be engaging in are born of your passion and the very idea of being alive fills your heart with gratefulness and joy.

Okay.  If you begin today, how long before you could actually be living that life?

What if I told you that you don't have to wait?

Think it. Believe it.  Live it.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become." -Buddha

  If you can dream of a life that you'd love to be living, then you can actually live that life and it doesn't have to be years down the road.  You can start right this exact moment.  Those characteristics and traits that you wish you were known for?  Begin to act them out.  You can choose to behave in any way you wish, so why not choose behaviors befitting the real you?  You were born to be "love in action" so become love in action!  I'm not going to write a thousand words explaining why this is possible to do, because you already know it is.  Some may say that this is over simplifying it, but you only have to make a choice.  Make a decision and stick to it and the life you've been dreaming of will begin. 

On the stage of life, all you have to do is take your place….

Are you living your dream life?   Please share what this means you you.

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