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Entrepreneur & Intrepreneur: Paths To Success

I wanted to share something with you about a mindset that is close to my heart and has affected my life in a multitude of ways, all positive.  It is a mindset that will lead you to success, and not just in your current job, but in any job you may have in the future.  The mindset I am speaking of is that of an Intrepreneur.   An Intrepreneur is much like an Entrepreneur, only instead of creating and running a business from scratch, an Intrepreneur works within an existing business, yet behaves as if it is their own.  An Intrepreneur exercises the same courage and boldness as someone who is an Entrepreneur and will always be found looking for, or creating, solutions that lead to success.

Why am I sharing this?  I share it because I care and I see.  I care about you and your family.  I care about your personal dreams and your goals for your life.  I care about you experiencing a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.  I share it because I see the amazing potential that you possess and I can see that as far as you have come, you can go so much further.

You see, this isn’t just about a job.  This is about you and what you want for your life.  This is about building the habits within yourself that will carry you to excellence, not only at your current job, but wherever you may go in the future.  You will always have a choice.  You can settle, take it easy and only do just enough to get by, or you can push yourself and reach for your very best in everything you do. 

It is obvious that the old model of “go to school, get a job, work there 20-30 years, and then retire” is dead.  It’s been dead for a while though some still refuse to accept it.  These days you must stand out from the crowd.  I am convinced that there are two ways to make it in the 21st century.  You must be an Entrepreneur or an Intrepreneur.  You can be either one but you must be one or the other, or you may find that life will stagnate and you hit the ceiling.  Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship and the huge risks involved in starting a business.  No problem.  Treat your current job as if it is your business, because in the end it is.  It’s the business of feeding yourself and your family.  It’s the business that provides the fuel (funds) for whatever dream you may be chasing.  Take ownership of your role.  Ask yourself questions such as “How can I make this better?” and “What if we did it this way?” Invest your energy and passion into it and refuse to settle for “good enough”.  Understand that it is your thoughts and actions that make or break you.  Do these things and I promise you that you will reap the benefits.  Do this and I promise you that life will be exciting and that you will reach heights that you never thought would be possible.  Believe it.  It happened to me and continues to happen for me.  Don’t do this and you’ll find yourself dissatisfied, unfulfilled and dreading to even go to work. 

Remember, it’s not about “the job”.  It’s about you, and it’s about your family and those whom you love.  Believe that you deserve the very best and that you’re worth it.

 I do.

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