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Change the Channel!

Have you ever been watching television and a program comes on that you do not like at all?  You know that if you just sit there and watch it you will not enjoy it and certainly will not be happy.  So what do you do?  Do you continue to sit there and lament the fact that a show is on which you dislike?  Of course not!  You Change the Channel!

You can do pretty much the same thing with your mind!  If, as you're going through your day, something happens that disturbs you, or someone says something that triggers a not-so-good memory and your mind begins to "change the channel" to a "program" you'd rather not see, you do not have to just sit there and endure the parade of negative thoughts and images that are marching through your mind.  You can Change the Channel!

Where's the Remote?"How do I change the channel in my mind?" you ask.  It's not as difficult as you might imagine. When you're watching television and you don't want to watch a program you change the channel, or in other words, you substitute one program for another.  The same thing works for your mind as well.  When a thought enters your mind and you recognize the fact that it is detrimental to your peace of mind, all you need to do is substitute desirable thoughts for the undesirable ones.  Removing unwanted thoughts from your mind does not require tremendous effort. 

Simply choose to focus on different thoughts.  By focusing on the new desirable thoughts you cause the undesirable thoughts to fade away.  When you enter a darkened room, you do not have to laboriously work to remove the darkness from the room, you simply turn on the light and the darkness goes away!

SummaryAn undesirable thought, or thoughts, enter your mind.  Take your attention off of that thought, or thoughts, and put it on another, more desirable thought.  Doing this causes the undesirable thought to go away.  Just like the darkness cannot exist where there is light, neither can negative, self-defeating thoughts coexist with positive, confident and uplifting thoughts.While all of this may sound simplistic, please do not under estimate the power and effectiveness of this process.  Also, do not be discouraged if "Changing the Channel" seems a little difficult at first.  Just like consistent exercise will increase the strength of your muscles, so will the consistent practice of changing the channel of your mind increase your power over your thoughts.  Once this becomes habit you will be able to maintain a mental attitude that will guide you to peacefulness of mind and spirit. 

Remember, the experiences that you have in life will be determined by your predominant mental attitude.  Learn to change the channel in your mind and you will be successful in maintaining a mental attitude that will attract the life you desire.

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