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An Ounce Of Action…

"An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory"

We've all done it at one time or another.  We came up with a really good idea, I mean a really good one, and then we did…nothing.  Nichts. Nada.  Zilch.  Later, we wonder "Why didn't I do something with that?", and our reply is usually "I don't know!" 

Get Your Hands Dirty!

One reason why we do not act on our ideas may be the effort it would require.  I've done this, perhaps you have too.  A few years ago, I finally got fed up with never making any progress in my life and purposed in my heart to become a "man of action".  To this day I joke with people that I am a M.O.A.  :-). 

This quote by Thomas Edison is now on my list of "Quotes to Live By":  "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed up in overalls and looks like work." 

Someone Needs What You Have!

Acting on your idea will benefit you in numerous ways, but know that many other people will benefit as well.  Please do not suppress the gift of an idea!  There's a reason it was given to you, and if you have the capacity to dream it, then you are capable  of completing it!

So go ahead, put action to that idea and do not fear.  Remember these words of Vincent Van Gogh "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

No Regrets!

There's only a few things that pains the heart more than regret.  Let's live in such a way that by the time we draw our last breath, we have done all we can to minimize our list of regrets.  By acting upon the ideas we receive, and by truly giving our best effort, we have no reason to regret, regardless of the outcome.

"Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it." –George Halas

The idea for this post came to me rather suddenly.  I had not planned to sit down and write a post at all.  At first, I thought of jotting down a few notes and writing a post on it this weekend.  While contemplating this, a thought came to me, "What if someone needs to hear this sooner than this weekend?"  It could be that someone needs the encouragement.  Maybe, maybe not.  But to not act on the idea didn't feel like the right thing to do, so here it is. 

Ideas are thoughts filled with potential, but the potential will remain unrealized so long as the idea is locked away in our mind.

The ideas in our mind are like lyrics to a song our heart is singing.  Let's all sing our song, sing it loud, and sing it proud for,

"The great tragedy of the average man is that he goes to his grave with his music still in him.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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