Straight Up Music!

 Welcome!   I am excited to announce the first full album from Straight Up Music! 

 Life is Now . . .Don’t Wait!  is now available for digital download.  Choose to purchase just your favorite tracks or, for the best bargain, choose the entire album!  Preview and/or purchase the music below or visit my Artist Page by clicking Here!   Thank You!!


 In today’s “modern” world, we have become accustomed to artistic endeavors that have been polished to near perfection.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I believe one should always work to produce their best.  The thing is, many will not even try to create for this very reason.  Take music for example.  There are thousands upon thousands of individuals who would love to create their own music.  Many of them will not begin because they don’t have a “top of the line”  instrument, the best recording equipment or their skills aren’t at a professional level.  It is my goal to show that you don’t have to have the best of everything to create.  You just need a full and open heart. You don’t have to wait until “someday” when everything is “perfect” 

Life Is Now…Don’t Wait To Create!

You may be surprised that the music you hear on this blog was created with next to nothing.  I have one microphone, a ten year old computer and a six or seven year old recording program.  I started with only one flute.  For drums I’ve used plastic jugs or a homemade frame drum (I made this out of a large balloon and a embroidery hoop).  I am self-taught on every instrument I play and I make my own sound effects.  Just like the ancient peoples I use whatever is at hand and so can you!  I will upgrade what I can, when I can, but in the meantime, I’m gonna create some music!

I get inspired often and when I do I like to capture that “raw” moment of inspiration so I record very soon after first creating a piece of music.  Therefore, what you hear may not be “polished”, but it is fresh, real, passionate and alive!  It is my intense desire that you experience serene peacefulness, and a lot of joy, as you listen.

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