Songs Born On The Road

I’m creating this post for a place to put all of the songs I’ve written (and will write) while on the road. Whenever I create a new one I’ll post it here as well as on my YouTube channel.


When I post these songs on social media, I always add this disclaimer:

Another song born on the road. 🎶
The usual disclaimers:
-Recorded on an iPhone.
-One take.
-I’m not a singer, just trying to write some songs here. 🤷🏽‍♂️😬


This was the first one I wrote after leaving my home state for the open road. I was in Colorado, the San Juan mountain range in the Rocky Mountains, in a cabin.


I actually wrote this next  song before I hit the road, but didn’t record a video for it till later.



Wrote this next one north of Dallas, Texas. Based on things my dad always told me.


This next one was written in the Permian Basin of west Texas. When I wrote it I had the feels that come when someone has taken advantage of you because they could, thinking they have power over your life. I disagreed, of course. 🙂



This next song was also written while I was in west Texas. Recorded in a garage.



I was back in the Rocky Mountains when I penned this next song.



I was still in the Rockies when I wrote this next one.



Another one written in the mountains of Colorado



If I remember correctly, I wrote this next one in Texas while house sitting for someone. Recorded in a closet.



Ironically, I wrote this one just about a month before Covid-19 became a thing.


This next one was written after I had returned to Kentucky for what was supposed to be only a few weeks. Then the pandemic happened.



Finally got back on the road after a long delay (pandemic) and wrote this sone while camping in the Ozarks in Missouri.



I traveled to Vega, Texas to deepen some connections for a book I’m writing about Valerie Doshier (read about how it all got started HERE.) While there I shot a few brief videos of all the murals Valerie (and Joshua Finley) had worked on in that small Texas town (which is her hometown.) After returning to many old school Route 66 hotel, I put together this brief video along with some guitar. The guitar was made up on the spot, and was just what came out with all I was feeling in the moment.