Newsletter: Reverse Engineer Your Dream Part 3

Newsletter from Straight Up Living.


July, 16, 2022


In this issue:

  • Quick summary of parts one & two of Reverse Engineer Your Dream.
  • How do thoughts and thought patterns affect your life?
  • How are thought patterns created?
  • How focus is the foundation of, and gateway to, your destiny.

*This is the third issue of a three-part series.*



Summary of Part One

  • Self-awareness is everything. Your must know yourself.
  • Break free of societal programming and forge your own path.
  • Be willing to change.
  • Clarify your purpose.
  • Make consistent and quality decisions daily.


Summary of Part Two

  • The decisions you make are directly influenced by your state of mind.
  • Your state of mind is largely determined by the way you feel physically, spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.
  • Remember to not overlook your body’s role when it comes to your state of mind.


How do thoughts and thought patterns affect your life?

A thought is simply an idea or opinion produced by directing your mind in a specific way. When you direct your mind a certain way often enough, your thoughts become patterns. Thought patterns eventually become habitual ways of thinking. That means when presented with a specific trigger, your reaction/response will be nearly automatic. If your thoughts are typically upbeat, grateful, and positive you’ll develop the habit of looking at most everything you encounter in life this way. Conversely, if your thoughts are typically pessimistic, ungrateful and hopeless, you’ll develop that way of thinking as a habit. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and this is exactly why it’s so important to grasp the idea that the thoughts you allow to dominate your mind will affect each and every area of your life.

How are thought patterns created?

Thought patterns are created by what you focus on. Focus simply means to consciously choose your thoughts and sustain them indefinitely. It’s a form of concentration. Achieving your goals, realizing your dreams, and making quality decisions requires you to focus your thoughts on what it is you want. Focusing on what you want will lead you in the direction of your desire. Please note that focusing on what you do not want will have the exact same effect, only you will move toward what you do not want.

The human mind is powerful, and you can control and direct that power. You have the power to think on whatever you wish to think about, and you can change what you’re thinking about in an instant. When you combine emotions with your thoughts, they’d become even stronger.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, the ability of neuro networks in the brain to change, your emotional thoughts create new neurological pathways in your brain. The more repetitive and stronger they are the deeper they’re ingrained. This is how you create thought patterns that become habit loops, which determines your life experience.


Focus is the Foundation

*Remember the pyramid image above.* Your focus will determine your thought patterns. Your thought patterns determine how you feel, which is going to determine your state of mind. Your state of mind will influence your decisions and your decisions will determine your destiny. The bottom line: Your focus is the foundation of your destiny.

If you want your focus to be as powerful and effective as possible, you’ll need to infuse your thoughts with emotion and feeling. Using visualization will help you with this. To put it another way, you need to psych yourself up. The reason why certain thought patterns come to dominate your conscious mind is because you have emotionalized them. Have you ever been so excited about a trip you were about to take that you couldn’t get it out of your mind? The reason why you couldn’t stop thinking about it was because you had mixed your emotions in with your thoughts. This happens for us pretty much automatically, but with practice you can cultivate the ability to do it on purpose. Emotions are energy, and as the saying goes “Where your focus goes, energy flows.”

In Summary:

  • Your thought patterns affect every area of your life.
  • Thought patterns are created by what you give your attention to. Your focus.
  • You can control your focus and create new thought patterns.
  • Infuse your focus with emotions and increase its power.
  • Your focus is the foundation of your destiny. 


I believe in you! See you next time!

~ Keith