This interview with Michelle Mras (Internet TV The New Channel) was simply wonderful! We talked about the mental shift that led me to the nomadic life I’m living today, as well as two of my books (Night Words & Nowhere Near The Middle) and I loved every minute. Michelle is not only a pro, but also someone with a powerful story of her own (and books!) and possesses a deep wisdom that can only come from a life lived with purpose and intention.


This interview with Dr Julie Krull, on her radio show on Empower Radio, was powerful. We talked all about my book NOWHERE NEAR THE MIDDLE: The Life Story of Valerie Doshier, and how the book came to be written. Dr Julie is a force of nature whose work is making a significant impact for good in the lives of countless people.

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My podcast interview with entrepreneur and life coach, Candice Bakx-Friesen.

We talked about my books YOUR TIME IS NOW & NIGHT WORDS, being a nomad, and more!

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