Writing Takes You Places

January 2016

Entrepreneur & Intrepreneur: Paths To Success

|16 Jan|

I wanted to share something with you about a mindset that is close to my heart and has affected my life in a multitude of ways, all […]

December 2015

The Lesson You Need to Succeed

|19 Dec|



Think back to when you were in school.  Do you remember loving some classes but hating others?  I do.  There were classes I really enjoyed, and there were […]

April 2015

Dreams Belong To The Risk Takers

|20 Apr|

January 2015

“Intend” Does Not Mean Maybe!

|31 Jan|

“Intend” does not mean maybe and “Intention” does not mean you’re considering a course of action.  If you truly want to change your life, or something in […]

In the Presence of Greatness

|01 Jan|

You can live a life of greatness.  You can realize your great dream.


How?  You do this by:

Never ceasing to challenge yourself.
Always be willing to learn.
Never settle for […]

November 2014

In Bits & Pieces

|21 Nov|

Even in death he spoke words of life to me.  I had looked up to him my entire life and when the time came for me to […]

What You Want Matters

|11 Nov|

I have spent the last twelve years studying life, achievement and success. Tony Robbins has said that he began his journey by reading hundreds of “self-help” books […]

The Words You Speak

|07 Nov|

The Words You Speak

Never underestimate the power of the words you speak into another person’s life. Makes no difference if they’re good words or bad, they carry […]

March 2014

Your Life-Lens

|30 Mar|

Today I was thinking of how much of what our life experience is like is due to how we look at things.  It is very important to […]

What You Expect Matters

|23 Mar|

It seems as though it has taken me a lifetime to get to the point where I can discard old “programming” that led me down the “you […]