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October 2016

Unrelenting Journey: Episode 5

|24 Oct|

Unrelenting Journey: Episode 4

|16 Oct|

Unrelenting Journey: Episode 3

|08 Oct|

Unrelenting Journey: Episode 2

|04 Oct|

Unrelenting Journey: Episode 1

|01 Oct|


March 2016

You Get What You Expect

|26 Mar|

What is Fueling Your Decisions?

|19 Mar|

Your tomorrows are shaped by the decisions you make today. What is fueling your decisions?

Your Time Is Now- Choose Your Destiny

|12 Mar|

Your destiny is in your hands and your daily decisions are what is taking you there.  Chapter One.  Your Time Is Now!



Your Time Is Now, A Video Introduction

|11 Mar|

 Many lives have been changed and are being changed because of this book.   Your Time Is Now.  Get for yourself, or for a friend.  

February 2016

Feeling Guilty for Being a Success?

|21 Feb|

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to someone who was struggling with feelings of guilt because they were excelling at something while others they knew weren’t […]