Hi. I’m Keith and I’m happy you’re here.

I’ve been many things in my life. I started to write about it here and give you the full story, but it’d probably be way too long. You can always email me or read through my blog if you want more details about my backstory. 🙂

This note I wrote a few years ago kind of sums it up:

I feel it all, and it’s a little weird.

I can adapt and fit into many different environments, and many different groups of people. Always me, yet different.

I can hang out with the farmer, covered in dirt, and talk about deep things that only those intimate with the earth and her ways can know.

I can sit with the metal musician and discuss power chords and the outlet that only heavy, aggressive music can provide.

I can strum along with the lover of country music and chat about family and the things in life that really matter.

I understand the lover and the broken-hearted.

I can ride with the biker, or tag along with the driver on a trip to nowhere.

I can associate with the one who works behind a desk and their computer, and the one knee deep in mud pouring concrete. White collar, blue collar, educated or not, it doesn’t matter. I am all of them, I’ve been in their shoes, their boots, and I feel all of it.

Yet, I’m outside looking in; an observer of it all, but never a full-time participant in any one place. Many sides, but one person.

I think this is why I write; the reason writing drew me to itself.  The only safe place to process everything.

Because I feel it all, and it’s a little weird.

The bottom line is I’m a human. I’m a writer fueled by experiences and observations, and that’s what I typically write about on my blog. Like most people, I encounter big life changes at times. I had one occur unexpectedly in January, 2018 when a 12 year relationship ended suddenly. A month later I decided it was time to go all in on my dreams. It was a long road to prepare, but by June 2019 I had jettisoned most all material possessions and hit the road nomad style. Writer on the move.

I’m still going.



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