Writing Takes You Places

December 2010

Change Whether You Like It Or Not

|29 Dec|

Change Is Good

There's one thing in life you can always count on to be consistent and that is change.  No matter what goals you have for your […]


|26 Dec|

I hope you all are enjoying time with family.  It has been a wonderful time for me.  Bless each and every one of you!!

I have a new […]

Love Is

|22 Dec|

Today,  I join my friend Joy in blogging about LOVE.  The most powerful word in any language, yet it resists being confined to one definition.   I feel […]

Life Is Now!

|19 Dec|

Having a rockin' good time this Sunday, okay?  I had a bit of fun making this Sunday's music.  It's a little different than what I usually try […]

Who Are You?

|17 Dec|

 I am spending a lot of extra time with family during the holiday season so instead of creating a post, I wanted to stir up some thoughts […]

Stripped Down

|12 Dec|

Sometimes, life get's full of things that take up a lot of our time, but aren't necessarily all that important.  It's during those times that you have […]

Your Mind The Helm, Your Thoughts The Rudder

|08 Dec|

Human beings are truly incredible, and we all are capable of great accomplishments.  Take a look back through history and you'll easily discover myriad […]

From Whence I came

|05 Dec|

I've done something a little different this week with my music. My mind has been on my connection, and yours, to all that lives…every other human, plant, […]

Should You?

|01 Dec|

Jon Degenhardt

 Risk ~ Good or Bad?

The dictionary defines "Risk" as being "the possibility of suffering harm or loss".  I believe that definition is a little pessimistic […]