Writing Takes You Places

November 2010

Allow . . .

|28 Nov|

What Are You Waiting For?

|24 Nov|

You have a dream, a goal, or desire that you want to attain.  You hear your heart crying out "Please!  Follow me!"  You want to very […]

It’s About Love

|21 Nov|

A Universe Moment

|17 Nov|

 Photo Credit: Expedition 24 Crew, NASA

A few days ago, I wrote an article entitled Keep the Faith.  In that article I discussed the importance of not giving […]

Special Places

|14 Nov|

Today's Sunday Stillness features some beautiful images provided by Joy from Unfoldingyourpathtojoy.  You owe it to yourself to visit her blog!  There you will find not only […]


|10 Nov|

You have found your purpose for being on planet Earth. You have set out on a path that you know will allow you to fulfill […]

Straight Up Music!

|08 Nov|

 Welcome!   I am excited to announce the first full album from Straight Up Music! 

 Life is Now . . .Don’t Wait!  is now available for digital download.  […]

sincerely hope that you enjoy today’s music and beautiful imagery

|07 Nov|

I sincerely hope that you enjoy today's music and beautiful imagery.  The creation of this video was an interesting journey.  I have been very much inspired by […]

Powerful Four Letter Word!

|03 Nov|

Hugs.  At first glance or thought, one may underestimate the power of this four letter word, but that would be a mistake.

A hug is one of the most […]