Writing Takes You Places

October 2010

A New Day…

|31 Oct|

Recently, with the purchase of some new equipment, I returned to the world of the electric guitar!  I was without one for too long, and though a […]

Getting Clear About Clarity

|29 Oct|

  We've all had moments when we can plainly see the bigger picture, and know our place in the grand scheme of things.  During those […]

Eyes Wide Open

|26 Oct|

Every day we are surrounded with opportunities.  Are you seeing them? 

Today, if you're keeping your eyes wide open, you'll see that you have an opportunity to:

~ […]

Sunday Stillness

|24 Oct|

As you watch this video, take the time to slow down, become still and let your mind relax. 

 This was such a joy to make as well […]

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

|20 Oct|

"The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives, it is called today.  Today is yesterday's tomorrow.  The question is what did we […]

Smile….Pass It On!

|17 Oct|

Let's celebrate this beautiful day of life!! 

I made a quickvideo for today, full of smiles and fun.  The video is nothing special,  ( It's even full of […]

Sometimes You Gotta Go All In!

|15 Oct|

High Stakes!

In the game of Poker, there occasionally comes a time when you'll see a player push all of their chips into the pot.  This is known […]

Don’t Quit!

|12 Oct|

A little over a year ago I shared this image on the blog I was writing for at the time.   I was reminded of it recently […]

Be a Light

|10 Oct|

If you cannot view this video, please click here. 

12 Ways to Peace of Mind & Spirit

|08 Oct|

Click on image to enlarge.  Feel free to print it!