Writing Takes You Places

September 2010

Get ready to…

|29 Sep|

Does life seem like a confusing maze?  If you could live your life exactly the way you want, what sort of life would that be?  What, […]

Peace & Love

|26 Sep|

It seems my blogging service is experiencing technical difficulties and will not allow me to embed a video.  If you'd please click on the link below, you'll […]

By The Power Of One

|22 Sep|

"One person can make a difference and every person should try"
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Is it possible for only person to make a significant impact?  In a […]

Celebrate Life!

|19 Sep|

Bridge The Gaps

|12 Sep|

Guest Post!

|10 Sep|

Positive Provocations!


|06 Sep|

As I stated on this site Sunday, I attended a gathering of many peoples from around the world at the annual WorldFest celebration here in Louisville, Kentucky.  […]

Love Diversified!

|05 Sep|

This weekend I attended the WorldFest here in Louisville Kentucky.  It was awesome!  It is an amazing event where many of the different world cultures that are […]